Saturday, January 11, 2003

Blog! I've been visiting Plain Layne a bit lately, initially because she looks a bit like Tori Amos but mostly because it isn't often you stumble across something so honest and elloquent:
"I inhabit a world that has shifted into unbearable poignancy. A familiar-looking face in a bright bustling crowd will remind me of her, or any Spanish I overhear. My heart is broadcasting cliched songs of love and longing to the radio. Everyday objects have become remarkable things, suffused with memories of her, like the striped chopsticks of mine that she loved. In the Bug I remember Christmas with my family at the resort, and how we saved up our affections for a deserted dirt road and the backseat. My bedroom is drowsy and plush with her ghost. Life seems far better -- and far worse -- whenever I glimpse a couple in their happy private bubble, hands clasped, leaning into each other, eyes shining with contentment. That should be us. That was us."
Today, Layne introduced me to the work of the Kabalarian's who seem to spending their lives giving their own definitions of baby names. I smell both a fish and a rat, but here anyway am I ...
"Your name of Stuart has created the desire to focus on the details of your immediate interests to the extent that others consider you to be fussy. You are attracted to, and could excel in, the mechanical or technical fields, such as computers. Instead of establishing the system and order you would like, you are over-particular in some things that matter to you personally but lax and indulgent in other ways. You place great importance on whatever you happen to be interested in, and can be quite thorough and detailed in what you are doing, but find it difficult to be consistent. You scatter your efforts when things becomes too monotonous. You have intense urges and feelings for which you can find no expression. At times you are motivated more by moods and desires than by sound logic and reason, and under conditions of stress you could react inadvertently in temper or stubbornness that you would regret later. The indulgences prompted by this name can lead to high blood pressure and its relative ailments, as well as nervous tension affecting the whole nervous system. "
Oh who want's to believe these things anyway?
Blog! Couldn't agree more Ranleigh:
"Note to Self - From now on only go to Matinees. Do not, I repeat do not go to evening films. $9.50 is too much for a movie even if the damn thing does run something like 3 hours. Also, while matinees are virtually empty ensuring a relaxing movie going experience, evening showing are completely packed meaning you'll have to sit within the heavy oppressive blanket of humanity feeling all hot and claustrophobic while some huge guy spills over into your seat. The feeling of claustrophobia will be worse when the running time is something like 3 hours. In fact everything is worse when the running time is 3 hours."
Unless it's something with Lord, Rings, Dances or Wolves in the title. I'm sorry what?
Blog! Matt Haughey has been threatening to start The Ticket Stub Project for some years and it finally launched yesterday. It's fascinating, idiosyncratic and nostalgic. Already started glancing through my books looking for old tickets I can write about ...
Blog! Ladyblog's Erika:
"I just got super glue on my tongue. Thank the Lord, it isn't stuck to anything. It's just there. It's annoying and hard and well, stuck. I guess I deserve it. I shouldn't have had super glue anywhere near my mouth. You see, I have several cracks on my fingers that are killing me, so I bought some super glue and filled in the cracks. I didn't buy the real super glue, of course, because there were others that were cheaper. Two for the price of one, in fact. The stuff took longer than I thought to set and I don't know how it ended up on my tongue, but there it is. I am tired. I am a dork."
I sometimes get brown sauce in my hair ...
Blog! DaisyBlossom offers a stunningly accurate description of what also happens to me at concerts:
"When the matches came out and started playing, everyone starting moshing and slam dancing which had me crushed against the stage like you wouldn't believe. I used to mosh when I was like 15 and 16 but back then I didn't realize how annoying it is to be unwillingly part of it. I got the wind knocked out of me 2 times as people we pushing me into the stage which came right in my abdomen. Unfortunately, I couldn't move so all I could do was try to guard my rib cage the best I could. It was so gross though, I mean people are like humping me. Their whole body jumping up and down right on my backbody was I think the grossest feeling in the world. I was in agony the whole time the matches were out there but like I said I still loved their music."
As Sheryl Crow sang 'No one said it would be easy ...'
Blog! Take care of yourself Dave. If you can survive university, you can survive anything ...
Blog! I feel you pain. The title says it all ....
I hate trains, oh how I hate them. The journey time is one thing, but the fact that one is constantly surrounded by screaming kids, belching lads and chatty old ladies is quite another. Virgin have scrapped their smoking carriage in favour of a 'Quiet Coach' for one - having sat in one of these on the way into the city on Friday, I can honestly say that it should have been reported under the Trades Descriptions Act. There were kids everywhere, screaming and squawking, fat bald thirty-something men drinking cans of Tennants Super and an old Grandma behind me who chirped and tweeted her way city-bound.
But was it any better under British Rail?
Blog! This is probably old news to everyone ... but I've just been reading 'Scotblog' and it's bloody good ...
Blog! When I was Star Trek fan, I would always look forward to Peter David's work. His prose seemed effortless in comparison to the other authors, his characterisation as close to the television as anything. His are the only novels I kept when I had the great clear-out. So it's rather fun that he's keeping a fabulously unstarry weblog. I've a feeling he's itching to get his hands on Buffy, the amount of writing he does on the subject, but today he turned his attention to another vampire themed musical:
Early on in the show, Steinman (composer) -- who wrote songs for Meat Loaf --slides about sixteen bars of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" into the middle of Krolock's first song. It draws huge laughs as the audience slowly tweaks to the self-referential digression. But when kicking off Act II, they do a full blown rendition of "Total Eclipse." It's great to hear. They do a terrific job with it. The problem is that it really points up the fact that no other number in the show can touch a song he wrote at least two decades ago, because that's the song you'll come out humming.
'Once More With Feeling' is coming to BBC2 shortly ...
Blog! The irony of the Wrzl Weblog:
You are searching for meaning of the life? We sure that we cant help to find the meaning of your life. But everybody knows, this is a search. The ultimate search. Search for a clue. You are going to find that clue from another human beings. Other people's wisdom, weirdness, happiness, delicacy, sorrow, stupidity... And the ultimate search begins here.
It's actually a wicked list of ladmag style link and flash games. A sort of bubblegum version of Metafilter ...
Blog! Altered Context made my heart melt:
I talked to Samantha on the phone for about two hours today. The sound of her voice was so...perfect. I love her so much. We are without a doubt soul mates.
What a feeling ...
Blog! anna has posted something new:
maybe i will get back to blogging when i can. maybe it will provide the necessary me time and the release that i need sometimes. maybe i'll leave this here until it disappears. but i thought i'd let the world know that i still exist. if you cared to know.
I care ...
Blog! I used to think I was the only weblogger in Liverpool. It seems I was very wrong, and even worse than that someone is doing this thing better than I am. The magnificently titled 'Imperial Doughnut' covers mainly pop culture of the Adam & Joe kind. Today for example features a brilliant review of 'Bubble Bobble' the dragon game which I played for hours and hours on my Commodore 64. Dashing through the archives I find myself grinning over and over ... how could I have missed this? The guy links to Scary Duck for goodness sake!
Blog! Michelle at Demerol signed my guest book today and said some nice things. Her sight is an emotionally charged place and obviously work a visit. Particularly love these animated gifs, 360 degree cat swings around all the rooms in her department.
Blog! In case you're wondering I'm still trying to work out how to review 'Waking Life' properly But while you're waiting perhaps I should point you in the direction of 'News of the dead', the weblog of Wiley Wiggins, the lead actor in that film and 'Dazed and Confused'. It's a ecclectic mix of tradional bloginalia, news about the projects he's working on and life's meanderings; from the strange to the truthful. I can relate Wiley -- and can't help but agree that the film was cheated at the Oscars -- 'Johnny Neutron' for goodness sake ...
Blog! So basically general ambivalence all round then ...
Blog! Melissa is 'A Girl In Love'. As well as a positively gorgeous design, her writing style is light, breezy and above all, real. Especially love her review of 'The Musketeer':
"We watched The Musketeer last night. It sucked. It didn't just suck in one arena, it sucked in them all. It isn't a pretty way to put it but there is no way to explain it better. There is no amount of clever and well choreographed fighting scenes that can fix this kind of movie. If there was we wouldn't know it because for a movie billed as well choreographed and jam packed with fight scenes it had very few. Want something with the same feel this was going for, with the same basic plot and fun to watch, watch The Princess Bride."
Amen. I would also add that after Disney's version and 'The Man In The Iron Mask', Dumas' stories would be laid to rest for a while ... see you when I'm not sneezing at you all ...
Blog! Ecritures, a Dutch weblog mixes photography with current affairs comment. Today's commentary regarding the Pim Fortuyn killing is particularly illuminating.
Blog! Blind Date Blog. Don't even get me started.
Blog! OK, that's it. I'm throwing in the towel. No more weblogging for me. I'm going to retire to the gills, become a hermit and talk to the trees for the rest of my life. What's the point in writing any further when I know that something like VerseGuru is flying around. The opening page signals something different -- a reproduction of an ancient science book, edited to become the navigation for the site. Find the weblog and I find something which references many of the things I do, but with many more exclaimation marks and subtlety (see if you can find the Hitchhiker's homage in the sidebar). And it has it's own radio station. That's it. No more. Goodbye.
Blog! Sometimes you can't help but simply like the feel of a weblog. The simple design of Barbie's work draws you below the surface to find the kind of writing I've always tried to create here (well, up until last week). Teasing -- the details of the actual person to be found in that space between the lines:
"So you want to know why a cure for cancer and AIDS hasn't been found yet? The world is too damn busy putting chicken eggs in spacesuits and soaring them around the earth a couple of times. You know, just to see if it fucks them up. Is it safe to say that human beings are just a tad bit disappointing?"
I could agree more. Especially when I see things like this.
Blog! ?
Blog! Christy at PuppyShine has been reminded that some dates will never go away. For the rest of my life I'll remember which date I saw 'Bullet' and half of the Drew Barrymore film 'Ever After'; that I took my first day off sick from my current job.
Blog! Being an ex-trainee librarian, I can't help seeing something in this post at AngryWhiteGirl ...
Blog! Cynthia, inside is a Japanese pop culture linkblog, which thankfully doesn't get bogged (blogged?) down in anime. It's got a light yet distinctive design, which demonstrates what can happen if a true artist is involved. Don't you just hate people who are more talented than you are?
Blog! Well actually, many of them. The 'Heart My Domains' webring is a mess of bizarre writing and site design. All the things you might expect are there ... anime sites (creepy), people who've given up on the point of a blog (personal writing about life's narrative) and are simply posting web quizzes. Links to things which have been linked to a hundred times -- 'I've just found this site called Google, it's really cool...' that sort of thing....
Blog! 'Sex and the Single Girl' is a lovely girlie weblog, a bit like spending the evening with your mate's girlfriend. The one you keep company because her boyfriend is a bit busy: "I'm pretty lonely at the moment.... I can't even tell Matt this because I know how much he is working.... I don't want him to feel guilty... I just need him alot more than I have him right now. I feel like we dont talk enough.... we only see each other once a week, and only talk on the phone maybe twice....for short periods of time. I feel like I'm being neglected, but I know in reality that he is so exhausted and makes the time anyway... to write me back, to call."
Blog! Nick Davies ... MorfaBlog ... Welsh ...
Blog! KookyMojo dreamt about me last night. Or the weblog. I'm not sure. She can't remember what it was about. Damn. Anyway, go and see her -- this is a work of intricate simplicity.
Blog! The mark of a really good weblog is still being consistently good once the initial interest has died down a bit. Supermodels are lonelier than you think, collects together relevant news stories of the beauiful people (well just women really) together for our edification. Must agree with Monday 11th's post about the Julie Delpy GAP advert -- how did they manage to use such an awful picture? She's cross-eyed in it for goodness sake...
Blog! For fans of cultural diversity we have reborn-by-design, the work of an Israeli girl living in Canada. Mirroring this place, we have a blog which integrates personal insite with links to interests close to her heart. The post about weblog-as-memorial is particularly poigniant.
Blog! For once it's refreshing to find a weblog as conventional as lipglosslolita -- and that isn't a criticism. As I've mentioned elsewhere I'm slightly worried about the trend towards weblogs which are unloved, unvisited and clogged up with online quizzes. beth's place is the sort of place I love to visit, striking just the right balance between life story, design and content. I think we can all relate to her trials with the dentist; and this egg is gracing my desktop as you read. I'm also looking forward to following the story of her tongue piercing over the coming months ....
Blog! Black Robot has been feeling a touch of insomnia: "4:00am ... Still awake. The room is bathed a deep blue color from the TV. I decide to catalog every object in view. I stare at the odd looking lamp next to the bed trying to decide if it has some kind of secondary function due to the extraneous (and hideous) pieces of metal jutting from it. I decide I'm going to steal this and throw it out my window on the way home if she tells me 'no' when I ask her for it in the morning."
Blog! Anna Kiss is posting again: "there are moments when i feel happy and alive and well. then there are moments where my heart feels heavy with the sorrow of nothingness and i can do nothing but fear my future. i am incapable of articulating that which i feel. i do not have the language for the weight on my thoughts, that thorn in my side."
Blog! When I first named this weblog I originally invisioned it as a place to let off steam -- somewhere I could be mean spirited and ugly -- but I'm not that funny as well so who would want to read those sorts of bitter ramblings? We have livejournal for that. Tanya Headon has proved that with a bit of work it is possible. Her blog 'I Hate Music' is a vitriolic scream against the business of pop. Judging by her impression of how Dido writes her songs I'd hate to think what she thinks of Alanis the Rambler ... [via Sore Eyes]
Blog! The Seethru weblog is an oddity because for something such a breath a way from being corporate it’s actually quite good. The obligatory mention for the tv show which spawned it ‘Attachments’ should of course be included here, but the work as a whole on Seethru has grown beyond it’s origins to make it an indispensable little portal. The linkblog is particularly well thought out – rather than completely repackaging the charts at Blogdex for an audience who don’t look at weblogs, more often than not there will be something you haven’t seen before. Hats off then to Soph and the gang.
Blog! The sister weblog is TrueFacts. Here Daniel gets to grips with Indian Loos: "Above all, using a squat toilet is like climbing a mountain: lose your footing and you are in serious trouble [I can honstly say that since using the squat toilet I am now much more in touch with my own arse]."
Blog! Sometimes you just have to link. Daniel Byron is works as project visitor and he's "staying in a village in rural northern India " His weblog, NoWayJose is fragmentary work, but says more about working abroad than a hundred TV documentaries: "Things that aren't as exotic as people think (1): Again, in the countryside, one of my guides beckoned me follow him to a field. Here he pulled a stalk from the crop and proudly said: "This is wheat. It is used to make bread." He seemed quite disappointed when I told him we had tons of the stuff in England."
Blog! Jacob Schwirtz suddenly becomes the envy of bloggers everywhere: "Yep that's me. Yep I'm on a Segway. Yep I am converted from skeptic to buyer waiting list." And looks very happy on it ...
And now you can buy them at Amazon ...
Blog! I've followed Moz's writing on Metafilter for some time but only now have I found myself reading his weblog, The Perfect Kiss. I'm speechless at his Valentine's Day post, a hoplessly touching story which will be familiar to most of us:

"She was tall, I remember; cute, smart, and an editor at the local school paper. I wanted to ask her out and I stewed over the situation for a week or so; Oh, but she’s tall, I thought, and I am not tall. Again: Oh, but she is an editor, I thought, and I am not. There was a pause after one of our news meetings.
“Umm...” I stammered.
“Umm... I was wondering if you might like to go to lunch sometime?”

You really should offer archives of your writing on your site Moz; much of what's there is giving me goosepimples.
And now he's getting married. Whether it is to the girl isn't clear (still no archive) but it just demonstrates how life can change in a matter of months ...
Blog! Heather has been gaining a certain amount of cultism throughout the internet with her Friday Five, something which I might start instituting next week.
I never really got into the swing of the Friday Five. I like structure. I hate structure. One Word is much more my style.
Blog! There are many good things about StarrySheepy!. The writer Meike plays my second favourite instrument, the Viola. It's in a lovely shade of purple. She's my age (actually just a touch older). She cheered me up no end today when I read what she said about this site.
Blog! It's time for me to let you into a secret. Before I took my full time job I used to write television scripts. I had one great idea for a series which I was working on right up until some paid me for losing twelve hours of my life per day. I even sent my scripts to some people in the industry whose work I admire and generally got quite positive replies -- but there was one from someone who shall remain nameless which slayed me. Far from pointing out where I could improve my work, she simply told me how I would never make it in the business.

Which is why I can empathise with Karen from Starry Eyes, a musician who recently got some feedback from someone in the business: "(He wasn't negative) about me, but about the industry, and how limited my chances really are of making it and that you have to be 18 with a 22 inch waist for them to even care what you look like, etc., etc. I can get downtrodden very easily. I can also pick myself back up rather well, but this really hit me. Then I started wondering if I was ever going to really get anywhere with any of the stuff that I'm doing: music, the book, poetry, jewelry. I start wondering why I can't be the kind of person who is happy enough as an accountant or a designer or a salesperson. Why do I always choose the goals with the biggest odds?"

Because I suspect some of us like a challenge. But also it gives us something to work towards. And the greater the goal, the better the success feels when we get there. Accept the helpful opinions, ignore the rest. As Karen says, "Screw everybody else's opinion." Yep. Pretty much.
... and now Karen's written a book. Still like me. Trying to be creative any way she can.
Blog! I got 44 hits yesterday. I have regular readers. Which is why (on a smaller scale) Dawn's lifeuncommon post the other day has some resonance: "Ever since the lomolog was on MSN I've found it extremely hard to write here. Every word feels forced and contrived. It's just like back in English class in the 5th grade. Mrs. Culken would give us a writing assignment and I would panic knowing that she would soon be reading with red pen in hand every word I had sloppily thrown together for her." She's been nominated for a Bloggie and now feels the pressure to perform. All can say is -- relax. Just keep doing all the wonderful things you do and everything will be fine. Believe me if I was entirely proud of all my posts I wouldn't keep writing this thing so much.
Still a blog uncommon. Not all of these things need to have the same format.
Blog! Falling Off ...
Moved. Changed names. Now poetic.
Blog! And so to the fictional. Jamie's Way is a web-only teen drama produced out of Baltimore and to fill the gaps between episodes, the writers have begun a weblog to cover the distance between episodes. The staggering thing about 'The Joys of Being Jamie' is realism. Without all of the links back to the drama's own website this could be the musings of a real teenager. The only give away is that the entries are too personal -- in the average blog the writer doesn't often write about their true feelings lest they be read by someone involved. But here we have declarations of love and descriptions of classroom in-fighting. The quote on the front page is authentic though: "..Follow me as I search for myself, as I search for my way... Follow me as I find my WAY.." Theme song?
Still blurring the skin of reality. But not posted to very often.
Blog! There has been a bit of discussion of how weblog titles seem to correlate with the music world. You could argue that most titles can be split into two categories. Those which sound like a band name, and those which sound like album title -- for example, the remarkable 'Using Bees To Effect Vengeance'. You'd expect the cover for this album to now feature a picture of Osama Bin Laden walking through a doorway as a bucket of honey is about to fall on his head, a swarm of bees ready to pounce. The weblog itself is fascinating. Today's entries simply consist of hiaku's about Dubya choking on that pretzel.
Blog! And our final report tonight is of a hit and run accident which occured is Orange County last night. The victim, H, picks up the story: "I was in a hit and run accident with a really drunk asshole last night. If you live in Southern California and want to be my hero forever find him. He drives a silver/grey mid 80's American car with out of state plates (Nevada?) The plate number is either 754 MSX or something very similar to it. The cops suck, They didn't even go after him, Isn't that the worst thing you've ever heard? I got lucky, I'm fine, But the next person he hits might not be." If you know who the man was contact I am Marla's Dress as soon as possible. Now, please, don't have nightmares, do sleep well...good night.
Blog! In the spirit of my friend from Greece, Fani, returning after the christmas break (who I sadly won't see for a few weeks during her exams) I looked up a few Greek webloggers and found Fenia, the flight attendent's LogBook. I mean some weblogger's want to make, like, big statements and stuff, and others just link to stuff they like, but some just want to tell friends who they don't see as often as they'd like what they've been UP TO :o) and where they've been to. Fenia's been to Tel Aviv, Toronto and Kalamata and that's just in the past fortnight!!! (sorry I'm suddenly overcome with a warm glow -- I suspect it's the caffiene) Anyway, many kisses, hugs and my best wishes to you too, Fenia. Fly safely.
Happy Christmas to you too ...
Blog! Some weblogs have names like 'The Adventures of Accordian Guy in the 21st Century' and can't hope to live up to their name. And then there are weblogs called Joey deVilla's 'The Adventures of Accordian Guy in the 21st Century' which are exactly that. This is a rich concoction of off-beat musicality and the usual bloginalia (I hereby copyright that word, although feel free to use it yourself). Don't miss the exhaustive and exhausting record of every New Year's Eve in Joey's recent history: "I was staying in a short-term-rental apartment near Prague's Old Town and enjoying my vacation. Some very drunk Swedes kept me in beer and sausages (the only items on the menu) at one of the Czech beer halls one night, while at the bartender at the James Joyce stood with me on the bar and did a rousing version of the Proclaimers' 500 Miles. At several pubs, the accordion once again proved its worth as a machine for turning music into free beer and strangers into drinking buddies at several fine local pubs"
Rather impressively, AccordianGuy is actively lobbying for votes in the 2003 Weblog Awards. Perhaps I should have had a go myself. But to me it's just about the art ... no really ... still a very good blog after all these years ...
Blog! The US intelligence agencies are proving their worth yet again. Apparently the bomb in that man's shoe would have damaged the plane if it had gone off. And I've actually heard that the Earth revolves around the Sun... perhaps more fantastically, the weblogger Acme was on the plane and has written the obligatory entry: "You can imagine us being slightly nervous at this point. We were forced to sit down. We had to put hands up to go to the toilet. Anyone standing up was a suspect. The crew decide to show the film "Legally Blonde" to calm us down. It kind of works, until we see F15 fighter jets on starboard."
Now it's all about Perl ...
Blog! anything but sanity's Caro has been presenting the sanest example of being in love I've seen over the past few days counting down until the arrival of her 'toyboy'. His name is Evan and he's from Australia (although I suspect this isn't the character from The Secret Life of Us we're talking about). The piece which made me wilt: "Being with him and having him here is normal and odd at the same time. I find myself staring at him in disbelief that this beautiful man has flown halfway round the world to see me. I keep touching him at all times, to be assured that he is there. And yes, the bed has been deflowered." Christmas is about togetherness everyone ...
Currently with the afformentioned Evan in Melbourne and doing lots more interesting things than blogging. Believe me, when I get a life ... my weblog will become more interesting ... It's wierd how long a months seems in blogging though ...
Blog! Some weblogs forego long lists of links and complicated front pages (ahem) and just offer the content in a pure, yet exceedingly focused form. The inaccurately titled inessential is filled with moments of genuine inspiration: "Brent’s Law of Feline Behavior: The only way to stop a cat from crying at a window is to open the window; the moment you do that, he’ll go cry somewhere else." In the spirit of this post I present some films I haven't seen and don't intend to (this is going to be difficult, because regular readers to this blog will know, I'll watch any old hacked off garbage):
Sister Act 2: Back In The Habit
Raging Bull
Pokemon: The First Movie
The Next Best Thing
And staggeringly I still haven't seen any of that list, not even Raging Bull. Brent of late has been talking about the new presentation of his website and going to MacWorld.
Blog! Sometimes you just link things because of the title -- presenting Aaron Humphrey's The Den of Ubiquity. He must write his weblog in his sleep -- or have his brain strapped to some device which trips his words out whilst he's doing other things. How he finds the time I really don't know. But it isn't just the quantity -- it's the quality of the writing, which captures the detail of all our human failings. Example: "Gee, a coughing fit that felt like it went right down into my larynx and came back up. Any more of that and I'll be puking. Hope that cough syrup kicks in soon. Why do I always have a cough that lasts for weeks after the rest of the cold has gone away? Did I hang around my brother and his smoking friends too much many years ago and wear away those little protective hair things in my lungs? (Technical term escapes me.) Is it because our house is pretty much a mess, and no doubt rife with bacteria? (I'm just around the corner from the cat's litterbox right now.) Or does this happen for everyone? Somehow I suspect it doesn't. Not looking for specific medical advice here, just whinging. Pay no mind."
Aaaron still hasn't reached the end of his singles run down (now at number 360) but his verbosity hasn't been stinted. Usually makes more sense than most newspaper columnists.
Blog! Ann Elizabeth made me laugh tonight. A proper laugh. A belly laugh. It seems she's been attracting the wrong sort of attention from pensioners. Actually I'm frequently touched by her work -- she's an absolutely amazing photographer. If I was to make that film, I'd want this to be my opening shot...
Moved. Still a wonderfully talented photographer. There are so many good artists out there, I wish I didn't cling so unmercifully to mediocrate. And she permalinks me, bless her.
Blog! Vodkabird's Vikki sacrificed a quiet life to stand her ground against the tyranny of others when she visited The National Gallery of Scotland today. I can attest there isn't anything worse than self-righteous people sticking their noses in. One of the Commuter Life posts I never brought you happened during that time when buses home were more infrequent. An entire bus stop full of people looked on in horror when a woman appeared with many children, squinted at the timetable and told them that no buses would be stopping their anymore -- and then proceeded also to tell it to all of the dispirate other people not in her initial earshot. The bus stop emptied, some got in taxis, others walked to another stop on the other side of town .... I stood my ground ... one of a few ... who were happy when that bus arrived not three minutes later ... unlike Vikki I didn't say anything. You go girl ....
Go Vikki, go Vicki ...
Blog! More globe-trotting to Stockholm were Justin Steen of Wigan Express is having a creepy time of it with his landlady, who decided to re-organise his flat a bit during a show and tell for potential new tenants: "So we go home. And we just couldn't believe our eyes. Every single item of furniture, every ornament and every other movable item was in a different place. About 90% of our ornaments, picture frames and that kind of thing were in boxes. Things like our towels had been hidden away. The bed had been moved. She had moved pictures to extremely weird places so they covered marks on the walls (counterproductive, incidentally, since anyone would realise that a huge picture placed four feet up a wall is there to hide something)."
Bloggone ...
Blog! As we’ve discussed before, people can leave and return from your life without warning, can be with you for long and short times and it’s what you do during that time that’s important. WockerJabby’s Rabi Whitaker relate's how a year ago she didn’t know Peter and now he’s one of, if not the most important part of her life. Sometimes weblogs aren’t trying to make any grand statements about anything, they’re a collection of the important moments in someone’s life on a daily basis. Small things. Details. Instances. Such things, like Rabi's journal, are cherishable things.
rabi's posts seem to be longer ... and the design has been overhalled but everything I said above is still true. Great.
Blog! Cheesedip is one of those pieces which is so bloody good, it's difficult to review. How can some make all this seem so effortless?
The design of Cheesedip hasn't changed significantly; I had actually forgotten how good the content was. Just added it to my daily links bit in my favourites. What have I missed?

Monday, November 25, 2002

Friday, November 15, 2002

Blog! I feel you pain. The title says it all ....
I hate trains, oh how I hate them. The journey time is one thing, but the fact that one is constantly surrounded by screaming kids, belching lads and chatty old ladies is quite another. Virgin have scrapped their smoking carriage in favour of a 'Quiet Coach' for one - having sat in one of these on the way into the city on Friday, I can honestly say that it should have been reported under the Trades Descriptions Act. There were kids everywhere, screaming and squawking, fat bald thirty-something men drinking cans of Tennants Super and an old Grandma behind me who chirped and tweeted her way city-bound.
But was it any better under British Rail?

Friday, November 08, 2002

Blog! What do you do if you're the editorial team for a well known daily newspaper and you find lots of interesting articles from rival newspapers and websites, but you're honour bound not to link to them from your own paper's website? You start your own weblog. The writers of The Guardian's Online section have put together onlineblog using all of the tools available to the rank and file weblogger (Blogger, Blog Back). It's not too clear how much they have to adhere to the newspaper's editorial policy -- is this a personal website run by the people or some viral marketing for the paper? As the blog develops we'll probably see less of the expected self-linking the journalists' own articles at the Online website and more of the sort of personal writing and editorial found on the post from Tuesday November 20th ... marvellous ...
It did get better, although there is still some degree of self linking (but hey we all do it). Recently redesigned to fit within the overall theme of The Guardian's online website, which is no bad thing. Personally I would like to them create something like a British Slashdot. Maybe.
Blog! And so to anatomy. The Breast Chronicles is probably as Beavis might have said in the mid-nineties 'The greatest thing I've ever seen.' It is weblog simply, completely, perfectly about breasts. And before the sniggerers amongst you go click, be warned -- it's an intelligent exploration not some seaside smut. You won't find old shots of Barbara Windsor or Melinda Messenger. You will find another example of how the recent crisis has effected everyone is some...small...way: "Unfortunately for the women of Denver, Colorado, the airport there has upped security so strongly after the recent horrific terrorist attacks, that their super-sensitive metal detectors are, well, a bit too sensitive! Writes Patricia Calhoun, "Dare to wear an underwire through security, and you're likely to get a pat-down more intimate than anything you experienced on prom night. And without a corsage or dinner first".
Another one I found and then went global. I can't tell you anything about it though because I'm posting in my lunchtime at my local library and I've been blocked by something called "SuperScout" -- it could be a weblog about chicken breasts you know ...
Blog! One of the better descriptions of the conditions we live in today and the public's reaction to them can be be found at On Wednesday, he posted this: "Since September 11, I have taken 16 flights. Lemme tell ya, the "random searches" at the airport certainly don't feel random." The responses in his comments box are very telling, as are his measured responses. Having never flown anywhere I can't understand how people must feel as they board planes now (especially after Monday), I just hope that when I do fly, the aviators will do the up most to guard my safety.
Hey Jish.
Blog! And so to Japan, the country with the white flag with a big red circle on. Rather like the same shops appearing every city (I mean does Birmingham need so many Pizzahuts?), weblogs throughout the world seem to have many of the same links to American culture no matter where they are written -- not so gmtPlus9 -- where for once I feel like I've hopped off the boat into another country. Day after day we find artistic things not seen elsewhere, each link a leap into something fabulous. Only one question -- who's Nancy?
I did find out, but promptly lost everything in my email inbox so it'll have to remain a mystery. Nothing's changed in the land of the rising sun, which is a really good thing. Weblog's like this are very precious things indeed.

Thursday, November 07, 2002

Blog! Tinka said lot's of nice things about this weblog yesterday, so I'm going to return the complement today. Her latest post is an interest exploration of 'The Phantom Edit' which underlined something I've noticed in many television shows. It's always difficult to work out why some shows stop being any good, or don't make sense in the context of their original intent. Northern Exposure's general wierdness lessened in later years. The direct film references of Dawson's Creek disappeared. It's because the original creators have left and their replacements, the new writers, are either fans of the show on a road to wishfulfillment, or brought in writers who are using their work on a show a springboard and don't care too much about the characters. Pray that Sorkin and Wheadon never up and leave -- god knows what we'd be left with....
Moved. Still excellent. The site design has simplified over the years, but the writing is still erudite and interesting. Once introduced the idea of someone else writing your weblog while your away. Not sure how I'd feel about that.
Blog! Godfuckingdamnit. Yep. Pretty much.
Well it was the time of that year. What's here is very well written by 'god'. Wouldn't it be funny if this is how He is expressing himself on Earth?
Blog! It's about time for another blogging superstar so today we'll pay homage to Jason Kottke. He's the most linked to blogger at Bloxdex and it's not hard to see why. As soon as that page downloads there is feeling we are in the presence of quality, with it's simple functional design. Frequently linked to from the front page of Mefi, with Jason it's isn't so much the subject matter as they way it's expressed, as this entry from the 5th November demonstrates. I too pine for an Apple Mac, every time my Microsoft PC crashes at start-up.
Well yes alright I was link baiting. But JK obviously saw through my careful plan. He's moved to Paris of all places. I wish. Looking over his work I can see why EVERYBODY links to him. Kottke is kwoteable.
Blog! I'm including this for having the wordiest title for a weblog I think any of us has seen. It's full title is Obeying the Inscrutible Exhortations of my Soul. Also with added blog definition: "This is my homepage, where I aim to amuse myself and, potentially, others. You'll find that I use this space to discuss topics of interest to me (and, potentially, others), share bits of information and hilarity, and experiment with various concepts, ideas, and languages. Generally, I am here to waste more time than I can afford. I'm absolutely delighted that you've chosen to waste time with me." We are too ...
I really like the redesign here, the strawberries are yummy and it's straight to the point ... the style is similar to my own which is always good ...

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Blog! Juliet O'Keefe's Eculogues is the site I hoped this would be until I realised that I like trash culture too much. An intelligent weblog which feels like a meal not just a snack.
Blogonhold. My intellectual fix, the BBC Four of weblogs, I'm surprised Juliet hasn't taken a break before now what with find so many interesting topics every day. See you soon.

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Blog! Here is something you don't see every day -- a weblog with it's own radio station. Slightly North of Tomorrow is the work of Erin and Shawn a couple from Seattle. Erin (who strangely shares my birthday) seems to be the more talkative of the two. Yesterday she experienced the kind of bureaucrassy we're somewhat used to in the UK when trying to get a passport: "I called the Canadian Consulate here in Seattle and left a message for a woman to call me back so I could figure it out. She called me back today and was a bit of a bitch. I don't know if she's having a bad day or what but she was just really unpleasant. She was alright at first, asking me my address and stuff so she could send me a form and then she asked for my last name. I hesitated a minute before giving it to her as when Shawn and I got married I decided to change my name and wondered if I should use my maiden name or not. Eventually I gave her my "new" last name and she goes "Are you SURE that's your last name??" "
Just Shawn now, much more linear. Erin is still around, just not posting. Priorities change. And just to show you that these things take a looong time, on the 23rd October 2002 -- "Our INS quest is now over! This morning at about 10:45am Erin received a stamp in her passport that enables her to cross the boarder at will. In 6-8 months she should have her card as well." Strikingly, the side bar is a hive of Ice Hockey statistics ...
MetaBlog! Blogger Gangbang is one of most ambitious things I've seen in some time -- and since I've not posted for a few days and I'm going to be away for a few more I thought I'd include as many blogs as I could in one place. A disperate band from throughout the web, this fragmented mixture of tradional weblog and discussion board feels like one of the voice poems of Glenn Gould, with it's overlapping stream of voices and opinions. I wish I had the time to contribute myself ...
Didn't get invited. Story of my life.
Blog! LostSoulMates ... from little acorns ...
Catch them while their young ... and watch as the only entry appears. I'm even more confused than I was before. I mean haven't these people heard of email? Or is this some way for spies to swap important information embedded in some guff about 'micromarkets' what in? Exploding pens? Secret agent watches?
Blog! Sunday Hero Melissa has had one of the best ideas I've ever heard -- read it yourself, it involves dietry staples and little else. With a simple, effective design, this actually feels like the blog Alanis Morissette would write given half the chance, her words directed at the world in general and generally someone specific: "I don't like you. I'm sorry. That's just the way it is."
Almost gone -- not blogging, a static page linking to her best bits. Still affecting though: "I'm a college student, an anthropologist who doesn't want to be an anthropologist." I was a librarian who didn't want to be a librarian so I can relate. Have emailed, because I am confused.

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Blog! Mindy's 5ilver always makes me smile just for being so up-beat and for her lovely pink design. Her article yesterday about visitors to her site makes me wonder about you lot. I watch my hit rates and I see that the site was visited over three hundred times this week. Who the hell are all you people? Now that I've got BlogBack installed you've the perfect opportunity to let me know... go on ... click that comment tag ...
Camgirl -- her lovely pink design has become very grey. Ponder on this though ... Mindy now has a fan page. Camgirls have fan girls. [Aaah .. BlogBack ... never be some guy who creates a thing ... because everyone will want it, use it and ruin your server ...]
Blog! John Munsch -- how do you pronounce that surname?
Munch. Munsh. Mush. No, still don't know ...
Blog! Sometimes (just sometimes), clicking the recently updated list at Blogger can turn up some wonderful things, so tonight we have the bi-lingual 'true moments', underlining again how dumb I feel just speaking the one language. I'm sure the latest post is as insightful and spiritual as the writing a few days ago: "I think respecting is a part of living at the present moment. When you are in lecture, you listen to the teacher. When you eat, you eat without watching TV. When you talk, you really listen, and not having your mind wanders somewhere else. Whatever you do, you do it whole heartedly. We do that because we respect (and thankful for) everything that we have and happen to us. I think when we are able to do that, we'll live much happier."
That's really good. Pity I can't get the page to load now. Let me know if you have some success and I'll update this entry ...
Blog! Can't help but adore anything called 'Ain't too proud to blog' especially when it's this lush to look at. The attention to detail is stunning, almost everything everywhere curious and amusing -- from quotes ('You're so vain, you probably think this blog is about you' a particular favourite) to a link list which is entertaining in itself (you can be sure 'My So-called Wife' will find itself listed here before long). The blog proper is a heady mix of the domestic and striking writing about current world events. For once, my hyperbole is justified.
Link's changed. Of the multiple weblog's now available from the newlyweds, is a weblog for newlyweds which the look and feel of a professional site. How times move on ...
Blog! It would be hard to imagine The Naked Blogger doing commercials for a supermarket (suggestions welcome for what kind of product endorsement he would go for). This has bags of personality, and a subtle line in activism, which can always be a good thing.
Still excellent -- his writing on various showbiz scandals in particular. Talks to friends, talks to everyone else.
Blog! It's been said this weblog is prolific -- but not as much as Stafani Louise who seems also to have Asimovitis. Like all good bloggers she just writes about the detail of her life: the therapy of bathtime, the dangers of warehouse shopping, the importance of good pins in corkboards.
Blogone! Which is a shame because I made it sound quite interesting (!?!) -- her blog twinning page is still there ...
Blog! Sometimes I wonder whether all my editorialising is that important, and you wouldn't be happier if I just offered a list of links like Ben Strawbridge's excellent work. He doesn't post often, but he posts well...
Just started posting again after a six month absence. Spare.
Blog! Six Layer Kate reads like the conversation between some friends who meet in a coffee shop or bar every night after work to swap stories about how their day has been. Kate's hilarious story about visiting the doctor reminds us that we should never try to get into a conversation with anyone unable to switch automatically between jargon and they way normal people talk.
Kate and friends are still there ... but the design of the site is insane ... why is all the writing in that ickle window. Make more sense if you press F11. No way to email anyone anymore though. Shame. Still good writing.
Blog! For some reason, I love that there is a weblog out there called 'Driven by Boredom', which sounds like the evil twin name for this site. Luckily, it's a very rich site, feeling like one of those late night Channel Four shows with Terry Christian. The place for Britishers to go and learn about American Sports...
Still a pretty fair estimation, although it actually seems even more extreme. With tatoos. And chicks. And stuff. (queue out of date Beavis laugh)
Blog! The gigglechick's fractured words feel like an open mike night at the local pub. Just don't heckle her, not when she's stubbed her toe.
Erin seems to have hit the same wall I have ... she doesn't post as much as she did so really focuses on the details.
Blog! Blog of the Day simply offers an unusual blog per day. Sublime.
Oh how post-modern. Making Blog of the Day my Blog of the Day. It used to kill me sometimes looking for a new blog to link (which is possibly why I don't do as often as I did), and yet here's this guy finding something new pretty much every day. Sublime.

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Blog! The Ultimate Insult is Zen in its simplicity. Drop off a link, get out. For once, here is someone who just wants to entertain.
Wierd. It looks like blog*spot URLs are like real estate ... one person moves out, another moves in. Hey Leah. Now that you've got the house, when are you going to move in?

Saturday, June 01, 2002

Blog! Did you know there is an Italian Metafilter, Veramanent? Trying to cross the cultural divide, I became a member and posted. It's about a girl who's parents are suing her school because she received low grades in Latin. I made the point that in my school you could choose to do woodwork instead. My Italian is, well, non-existent so I used the translator at Alta Vista, assuming what I was posting was garbage, but hoping that it made at least some kind of sense. Sure enough the only follow up smelt my rat and called me. A quick filter of FraSta's post through the Babel Fish produces: "Pardon me Sir?... but you six autotradotto with Altavista? "avrebbe had the choice... " would be: she' d better off as to carpenter? Sin, because on yours blog inexhaustible and esilarante source is one - very british, anyway - of all." Which probably means something like "Excuse me? Did you use Alta Vista? Are you saying she'd be better off as a Carpenter? That's a very British source. Oh and some comments about your weblog." Good to see that this particular Babel Fish is in no danger of proving the non-existence of God any time soon...
Veramanent + posting = once in a blue moon
Blog! I've always wanted to visit Coventry, but never found the time. Luckily, I now have Louise's World to follow each day, at least to give me a flavour. She's just become a student nurse at the local University and this in the minutae of her life. It'll be interesting to read over the next few months as she copes with student life. Good luck, Louise!
It's been interesting to see Louise's style develop as she becomes more confident writing the weblog. As first she was quite formal, but now there is bags of personality on show.

Sunday, May 12, 2002

Blog! Moby [via Amelia]
Moby posts up to ten times a day sometimes, updating fans on the tours and publicity sessions, mixed with traditional bloggy comments, this post, for example, about the recent assassination of Pim Fortuyn. The internet is a level playing field everyone.
Blog! I thought Amelia was quite a rare name until I discovered the zootgirl. OK -- so including the new film and this blogger, that makes two. Today's post reminds me of working at the college library all those years ago and watching my fellow students leave their belongings at their desk whilst they go off and photocopy and take a break before returning and creating merry hell because their wallet had been pinched. You really can't trust anyone -- although I know I should take more care myself when I pop to the loo on trains. The design of this site is particularly good with a post per day -- which is tidier than this thing at least.
Yes, I know the film is called 'Amelie'. Zoot took some time off from weblogging for a while, but is back now with a simpler retro design and a cleaner writing style. And glory be, she only posts when she has something to say, not because she feels like she has to. I wish more webloggers were like that ...
Blog! Off On A Tangent is another of the more journalistic weblogs. It's tagline is something I'm sure we can all aspire to: "Cold Beer, Hot Girls, Fresh Links" Magic!
Les writing. More links.
Blog! what's in rebecca's pocket? has already had a lot of media exposure and with good reason. It's difficult to think of a day when I've visited and not found something interesting. When I first logged on, this was my home page of choice (her counter must have gone through the roof). Since I'm off working on other things tonight (hence the slightly slow blogging) I thought it important to acknowledge a master ... and for those who are already fans ... don't you miss that eye?
You know the old saying, 'she wrote the book on it...'. Well actually ...
Blog! Julie Andersen's latest post about the special place of her teenagehood, 'The Hill', offers a nostalgia and wistfulness some writers have been trying to create all their careers. I'm reminded of the two places I can always go to if I need to remind myself of everything. The first is at the side of the lake in the park where I live. A friend and I once agreed it would be a 'great place for a shag'. Sadly he was male, so we didn't actaully test the theory. The second place is Birmingham. The whole city. I have never been there and not had a chance to get outside myself -- that something unusual or lovely hasn't happened. Remind me to tell you about sometime...
I'll cover that in the main weblog sometime this week if get a chance ... it's not really something for here. Julie has moved her wblog for some Perpetual Karma. The weblog is here. This is still the best sort of weblog, which makes you turn around and sceam, 'YES! THAT'S ME! I'M EXACTLY LIKE THAT!' For example in this recent post, she talks about how you get used to the sounds you hear when you're used to sleeping in a place, but when you move from there it's not quite the same because those noises have changed, and you find you can't sleep because the familiarity has gone. She's a bit high maintenance though, judging by her wishlist. Must get around to updating mine ...

Sunday, April 28, 2002

Blog! According to The Blog Twinning Project, my twin is blogjam: /usr/bin/bloke -- which is odd because he seems to be doing things better than I am...
See -- I link to something, then everyone links to it.
Blog! Sometimes weblogs are just FUN -- and so to France where we find 'mybluehouse' daily offering something to make you smile. Broadly. Thanks for cheering me up Becky!
Ditto. Many times.
Blog! I'm coming to the conclusion that all profressions are represented by weblogs. Even world famous authors like Neil Gaiman have them, and like the rest of us, he's just finding his way home. If only other celebrities kept them, we wouldn't have to make-do with hearsay. Neil's blog has been particular good in the past few days as his site tries to come to terms with an attack of the Nimdas -- I've a feeling this is going the effect everyone eventually ...
The joy of Neil's weblog is that it's written by the person, not someone in the press office. This sounds strange, but it makes weblogging feel like a level playing field, where everyone can have an opinion. Now if only he would do the Friday Five thing.
Blog! Despite being royally flamed by her in this Mefi thread (she was probably right, I was stereotyping), it's difficult to continue without acknowledging linuxkitty's weblog. Her fan club at Yahoo has over a hundred and sixty members? Why? perhaps it's posts like this which excudes how we all feel about our parents sometimes. Oh and this which made my hair stand on end...
Shocked to discover her livejournal is better than her weblog. Although I'm still trying to work out the phenomena. Why have more than one online journal. Different audiences? Do you think Kristen know she looks a bit like Lili Taylor?
Blog! As you all know, any weblog with a title like utopia with cheese will find it's way here eventually. But I'm not shallow, I won't just include it for that. I'll include it for insights like this: "I'm still unable to work or do anything constructive for more than a few minutes at a time. This'll mark probably the sixth business day in a row that I have stared at CGI code for a few hours, yet done nothing useful. I am going to have a lot to answer for when this catches up with me. But I can't help it. My brain will. not. cooperate. When I get to the computer every day I have the same peculiar combination: A pounding heart and a brain that just is too tired to deal with any of it."
Another writer who manages to embarass me by adding something new and readable every day.
Blog! My nightly trawl through the internet for the best of blogs leads me through some strange corners. I've tried to keep this site fairly wide-ranging (and that seems to be working - my average hit number is growing weekly) -- but many sites simply offer the lives of their writers. I've tried to offer sites which are particularly unusual, or extemely well written or offer a glimpse into a life you'll never lead. Which is why I'm happy to point y'all towards Speaking in Tongues, the new jointlog of Sophie and Basil, who seem to be writing to each other or to no one in particular which makes it deeply compelling for reasons I can't quite decide. Perhaps it's the halting openness.
The girls have moved to miscellaneousbs. The full story is here, the short version is that they didn't follow the rules. In this case it does mean they now have a much more personal new design (so that's what thy look like) and a fresher agenda. That archive link above still works though.
Blog! skomsvold I would easily have included for the name. Would even include it for the reliance of green on black, something I miss from telneting the internet at college. I'm actually including it for the new entry about alcoholism -- which is some of the best none-WTC weblog writing I've read in days. Tomorrow 1995.
A name change to Nadablog, and the archive seem to have gone somewhere. But he still links to me, and reading through the past few days I laughed at least five times. Something of a record.
Blog! out of order feels like sleeping Annie finally wrote something new yesterday. She reminds us of how our memories of a thing or place are amplified when it's changed or not even there anymore. "But New York, I feel like she belongs to me, shared with millions of other people. Everybody has his or her New York, and it will never be the same for any of us." Which reminds me -- we haven't heard from Woody Allen...
He spoke eventually. Originally he talked about how Hollywood should be cautious about monopolising on the event, then appeared at the Oscars to remind us all why we happen to like New York. Annie is taking a break from weblogging -- but has left quite an insightful little piece. I've also taken to writing my weblog on paper before posting vitually. It has the effect of concentrating the mind.
Blog! Oh Messy Life -- you said it. Another blogger who's stretching the boundries of site design all doodles and tippex.
I'm glad this hasn't changed -- why would anyone try to 'improve' this kind of design. Weblogging as cartoon strip.
Blog! The most difficult thing over the past few days was discovering how little grasp some people have of international affairs -- how everything has been reduced to 'good guys' and 'bad guys', when in fact the only true evil within this crisis is well, evil. On Thursday /mental.masturbation captured the mood perfectly: "What I fear is not who did this, but who my friends are becoming. What I fear is not death, but cold and senseless revenge. It tears at my heart that it turned so quickly. It turned from, "Are you safe? I want you all to know that I love you." to, "Who the fuck can we bomb?" Knee jerk reactions are to be expected, but how long do they last? When are these intelligent people going to realise that they are screaming for more blood. More death. More destruction. When will they realise that killing more innocents won't bring anyone back from the dead?" Her post from Tuesday describes the day most of us had. This was a moment that unified our lives.
This is certainly greyer than I remember (the colour and the post). In the weeks after 9.11 weblogging offered a way for thousands of people to express how they felt. But it is still there ... every now and then you'll see a link to someones archive of posts or it'll be mentioned in conjunction with something else. One of these days I'm going to get around to doing that survey of what weblogger were saying just before that day ...

Sunday, April 21, 2002

Blog! One light today was checking my referrer logs and finding the web address, -- thanks for linking me whoever you are. Your blog is wonderful -- with links to things I've never seen before. I'd send you an email, but I can't find an address on your site -- get in touch will you? Tell me about yourself....that's what these comment tags are for...
The design has changed -- from anime to cyberpunk, and David has started to include an email address. And he continues to link to me ...

Monday, April 15, 2002

Blog! Today's blog is a bit different. Fran's damnyoumaria appears on your browser with a bold, enigmatic photo. Then each day she offers a glimpse of herself - just snippets - I'd use the phrase 'homeopathic blogging' if I thought I could get away with it - less is more. Apart from today, when she seems to have a lot to get off her chest: "I went and sat in the churchyard at lunchtime, ate a chicken sandwich, and wished I either smoked or believed in God. I felt that I was missing something - my own addiction is tedious and near-impossible to fight. I wanted someone else's, just for a change." I know the feeling...
I do miss the old design. But the writing hasn't changed. Still filled with personality.
Blog! Silvergull is evidently feeling listless enough to put a permanent link on the front page. Deeply flattered and slightly pressured to keep up whatever qualities I may be pervading here. What's with all the Pumpkins?
This has been away for some time and has returned at a showcase for the author's atmospheric photographs. Sorry, that you missed those pumpkins.
Blog! Some blogs are interesting, some are artistic, but some are just plain hilarious. go you good thing or What's New Pussycat? is laugh-out-loud funny at times. Miss Shauny's timing is spectacular. This post made me fall out of my chair (almost) - and we see here why I'm being none too specific about where I work....
When I first visited, Shauny was about ready to wrap up weblogging forever. Now she's won an blogging award. I do notice, though, that she's toned down the diaristic aspects. Another example of the kind of thing I can only aspire to.
Blog! I think the young lady at The Umbrella Stand may be a frequent visitor... Hey!
I think I may have over-reacted when she removed a link to my site from her front page (I signed her guest book asking her why). She hasn't spoken to me since. Are you still visiting Molly?
Blog! As this is a listless-lite day, might I point you in the direction of vavatch orbital whose spectacular wordage should fulfill all your needs. Some things of not. I actually saw Mr. Vavatch at 'The Beatles' festival in his fruit costume. Very funny. I entirely agree about the hoards of kids who seem to fill Liverpool City Centre during the holidays. I fact it's deeply intimidating. And today's entry was the first thing to make me laugh out loud in hours...
Adrian has just moved in the past few days, to a new pastal design ... I still think this my most local weblogging colleague. It's an interesting new design ... to the right is a traditional linkblog, in the middle the usual sort of journal blog and to the left longer essays in the style of the old weblog. I think I'll be adding this to my daily list. What I would be expecting from someone who puts even more work in than I do. Must be a north-west of England thing.
Blog! Meg's is cherishable for it's variety. In the past week alone, we've seen Armenian proverbs, the crystilisation of rudeness and the diversity of humanity. When I have the time I'll be reading her thesis of web culture and can't help but dip into her collaborative weblog (a kind of Mini-Mefi). Perhaps most devistating is the design - especially professional for a personal site.
The famous Meg. I was there at the start you know. I think. One of the UK's premiere webloggers, mentioned in The Guardian and elsewhere a lot. Essential.
Blog! girlrepair ...for the design...
Those big juicy fruit. I almost stopped visiting because it made me so hungry.
Blog! And so to Texas. Julie's accidental feels like something one of the characters in the film 'Go' might produce. Her writing recently described the September start of school and her new job in a store. She confirms something we shift workers always end up realising - no matter how perfect you try to be, mistakes happen, which just have to live with. question for you: Do you prefer a man to say 'Gazuntide' or 'Bless you' when you sneeze? [via the film Singles]
Life 'Surblimity' I was always impressed with the logos on this site. I wish she had an archive up like mine. I had Julie in my IM buddy list for an age, although we never actually ended up chatting, which is a shame. What has been remarkable is watching her grow in the past six months via the webcam on the page.
Blog! Bryan J Busch - there is someone who has the same email experiences as me. The word for Byran's blog is enigmatic. You'll think one moment he's following the standard format then there will be a comment like this which speaks more volumes than the reams some bloggers fly out of their fingers.
This is certainly more scattered and piecemeal than I remember ... but again it's still work visiting. This idea in particular should be made law ... I've always thought myself about have a weblog in the side of my page to post reviews, and this is a good example of it...
Blog! Over the days I've linked to some wonderful sites, but caterina's is lush - I find myself unable to look for other words. She's a science fiction, regular 'ol novelist and her credentials really show. This entry alone proves that well written weblogs are like columnists writing for a very, small very particular but no less literate audience (and by the way this isn't why I started a weblog, honestly). Her list of every book she's ever read has kind of inspired to write a similar list of films....when I have the time...
Sometimes you work really hard to get someone to link you and you still get ignored ...
Blog! rob's wonderland charts the life of Senior Project Manager for a Web Development Firm. The most alluring aspect is that Rob doesn't fulfill the stereotype - in fact reading the posts from the past few days, we find proof that people who work on the internet tend to be creatives living life to full when they aren't glaring at the screen. What's the Melissa Joan Hart story Rob? Do you think you'll ever get over 'Burning Man'? Someone who writes with great passion...
Even though a re-design has made this easier to look at, it isn't necessarilty easier to read. Rob's life has taken a turn for the enigmatic from when last I met him. I think he's split up with his girlfriend but I'm not sure, it could be something much more serious. Feel free to email with your theories...
Blog! Is it fair to link something like surblimity simply because you like the title and the banner at the top of the page? Probably not, so it's a good thing there are plenty of other reasons. Her name is Jacqueline Rose Maria Aponte (yes!), an American whose spent time in London and is presently experiencing much the same things I did whenever I went back to University - the chance to embrace independence, yet the leaving behind of everything that made you who you are. Have a good year Jacqueline...
Logo envy...
Blog! Josie Moyer's 'sugarcat' is presently offering a solution for all women who's partners are complete slobs. I wish someone would try this psychology on me. Elsewhere, Josie writes with the clear voice and with great humour and if you're not careful you'll find yourself reading back through all of the 'previous entry' tags at the bottom of each screen. Sublime. Love the cat, too...
Some weblog's improve with age. A recent redesign brings the piece bang up to date, and Josie's writing has an even more unmissable quality. To wit: "I stopped by Blockbuster Video on the way home tonight and rented 5 DVDs and a PS2 game. I might as well have said to the boy behind the counter, "Hi. I have no life. And no, I don't need a bag." Which feels like a Ken Loach film for the weblog generation.
Blog! John Robinson's Sore Eyes is like a one man Metafilter. He seems to read hundreds of blogs and brings us the best, each day offering a wealth of links (what else do you do John?). Yesterday, he covered Lizzy from BB2, space photos, the story I posted at Mefi about the time after Uni and the return of Farscape to BBC2 UK, amongst others...
Another of my daily fixes, who is also embarassingly is forever linking to my work. So here we are again. Share and enjoy.
Blog! My life used to be this interesting (perfect time to get a weblog, then). Wanderin' Monkey Boy's LiveJournal isn't updated too often, but the stories here are quite enough thank you. This has particular resonance as I'm forever sharing taxis places with total strangers. Got to keep an eye on that.
Another one bites the dust, although I admit I can't remember what that post was about. And no my life probably still isn't as interesting ... and I do still share taxis with strangers...
Blog! anna kiss writes about her life, herself, about her place in the universe. her thoughts are drawn to her state of being, how she cannot ever truly get a handle on her life, her husband, how she has difficulty relating to people and how they have difficulty relating to her. about how modern life, a life of computers and blogging, of the stifling shifting of the world creates disasters on a miniture and massive scale
This was the first time I tried to emulate the weblog I was linking to. I couldn't get close of course -- anna's work is too good. Like the best writing, this weblog has made me laugh and cry in equal measure. It's just state of the art ... an example of what can be done with the form. One website that everyone should visit at least once in their lives.
Blog! What Does Not Change > ? I can think of a number of things, although at the top would be skateboarders.
Sometimes I would just post things because I love the design and the idea that everyone has a weblog...
Blog! Sorry, can't help myself. Wil Wheaton has a blog. You know - that Wil Wheaton. Wesley Crusher. The little kid from 'Stand By Me' (sic balls). And you know what - it's actually quite good. In fact, taking a leaf out of Sean Penn's book, he doesn't pull any punches, especially in his FAQ (the section about leaving ST:TNG is probably one of the most bitter yet honest things written by an actor I've read in ages). Wil we salute you (sort of - Uncle Willy !?!). [via Metafilter]
Don't even get me started. I actually got an email back in acknowledgement and he linked my weblog -- suddenly my site, which was pottering away with five hits a day sprang up to a hundred and fifty. And then he read that Metafilter thread (which I suspect he found because of me) and a whole can of worms opened up. He wasn't too happy about the criticism and let rip. The first version of that post on his blog was a mess of vitriol and anger. I freaked out somewhat ... it hadn't occured to me that he might not see the funny side ... but it did mean he got an audience and now he's getting thousands of hits a day and award nominations ... so perhaps I don't feel too bad ...

Sunday, April 14, 2002

Blog! I won't just be point to blogs with *really* cool URLs but it evidently helps. The startlingly titled is the blue heaven of Paula, who doesn't blog often, but blogs well.
The first one which seems to have gone. The page takes a terminal length of time to download and I gave up in the end. Hope you're still writing somewhere Paula.
Blog! a penis and a vagina is the gloriously titled blog of John and Andria (although John seems to be doing all the work lately). Hope you can work everything out with Alison, John. I know from experience how wierd such relationships can get. John left a message at the guestbook, pointing out that this page has a few errors on it pointing to this page by way of explanation, which frankly fightened the life out of me. Is this some new internet form of the thought police?
penis lost his vagina in the end and it wasn't a friendly split. The site's changed it's name to [censored for content] (which suggests John won't be sharing his weblog with his girlfriend again). He also doesn't write as much as he used to so, I suppose because he's off doing the things people do...
Blog! I'll be following Piquant Penny carefully over the next few days, to see where she goes. Her site does point up something which is becoming depressingly clear - 'feeling listless' needs a redesign and soon. But rather like an Indie film-maker whose be promised the lone of camera for their epic, I've been promised a scanner. Better get that thinking cap on...
I didn't redesign too much -- didn't get a scanner which works either.
Blog! Actually, mentioning LinkMachineGo is probably a bit redundant - surely everyone reads this one. A mixture of comic book and real life news, I wish I could find some of the stories this guy does, striding about the place like a one man Metafilter.
The first I still visit on a daily basis. Darren has linked me enough times lately so I don't feel so bad returning the favour again. Everything I said then still stands, except he doesn't write as much about his life as he used, which is a shame because I'd like to know what he gets up to.
Blog! Michelle Kinsey-Clinton's sapphireblue is something of a legend in blog circles - the Madonna of this whole business. I think mine is one of the few sites which doesn't have a permanent link there (must rectify that). As well as being carefully designed, it's also sexy, sassy and funny, and it's more than likely that the blogger you read regularly (other than this one) has been to Sapphireblue first. Looking at her profile she may well be one of those fabulous people we discussed earlier...
I'll let you hunt around my weblog to find out what that means. Michelle's writing resonated a lot on September 11th because she was in Washington during the lock down trying to get information in or out.
Blog! apathetic genius dot com has a design which infuriate some but delight others. The web equivalent of theatre in the streets, follow the arrows to the interesting bits, and suddenly feel nostaligic for you bored school days when you'd doodle during class with a biro through the varnish on your desk.
The weblog has gone, and the design has been simplified. The one I descibed above can be found here.
Blog! and Review! The Evil Twin Theory reviews The Seagull in Central Park, New York. 'Twin' (real name withheld) is a prodigeous writer (and presumably fast typer) who always seems to eak something from his busy schedule (know the feeling). Insanely jealous that he could just drop into the local park and get that cast, that director doing that play. The most action you get in our local park is the cast of Hollyoaks.
I was very envious. This isn't the sort of line up you'd find in Liverpool. The design on this one has changed slightly -- it's moodier, and I like the graphic at the top. I'd forgotten how good this was, the story of his brother's wedding is particularly good.
Blog! The simple design of the GirlHacker's Random Log belies a sophisticated, intelligent and often touching work which daily presents interesting and unusual stories not found elsewhere. And again, another fabulous web address - must get around to that...
I've been happy to see Lilly hasn't seen the need to modify the design of the site, it's strength being it's simplicity. It's other strength is the personalised nature of the links, homogoneity being the plague which has been creeping through weblogs lately.
Blog! Anyone whose registered this URL has got to be worth visiting, just to see. The is an American living in London, and her blog leaps happily over the cross-cultural divide.
Re-designed and still thriving. Kristine is now an American living in Sydney, Australia, having moved there with her boyfriend.
Blog! Sidney's Lost In London is probably the only blog you'll find with a picture of a London Taxi.
I found this originally when I was working on my not so lamented First Name Domain project.
Blog! Raki drops off some Meaningless Drivel now and then. For people who like looking at the pictures...
Hasn't been updated for a while. I was still find my feet when I posted this, but is is sad that Raki never got into the swing of it ...

Saturday, April 13, 2002

Blog! Candice used to do the blogthing in French. Now she's writing in English and has had to compromise her design because of the whole Geocities thing which almost ruined a lot of weblogs. The design is different now though, much more colourful.